Uncategorized • May 22, 2017

Small town living

Growing up in the town I now live in as an adult, mom and working professional has many, many benefits. Not only do I know the town and it’s history and it’s people but I’ve developed a love of the area that encompases a wide range of life experiences for me. My family is here. My cousins are here. Some of my best friends from high school are here. All of us sharing a unique bond that goes back years and year.

When newcomers move here and look at all the town features and amenities that I grew up with , they see them and view them in a different light. The stone wall along the river on Mathewson Road- that’s the stone wall we used to sit on as kids and feed the ducks, and later just ” hang out ” on as teens. That small beach at the end of Ferry Lane- a photo taking spot for many new to town, yet also a swimming spot for a bunch of us one warm summer night during my senior year at Barrington HIgh School . The tennis courts at Barrington High School…New and multiple in nature to many yet my memory from that spot is of the cracked, slightly bubbled set of courts I spend four incredible years playing on. The Barrington Beach- Now a site with a lavish bath house and landscaped surroundings with regular concerts played and food trucks visitng . For me it was the old, rocky “sanded” beach with old tires placed as the parking lot border and rarely a life guard on duty. Yet it was our beach. Our place to hang out, swim out to a boat and gather every July 4th for a huge fireworks show.

So for me, the everyday viewings those newer to Barrington take in, are seen by me , daily, in a different light. A light composed of framents of a lifetime of experiences. Happy, sad and all the in between. An appreciation for this town unique to those born and raised here. It’s a perspecitive of Barrington I treasure and one I lean on heavily now as a Realtor. My knowledge of this town and it’s inhabitants, it’s stores , it’s merchant owners and it’s families and neighborhoods helps me tremendously and is one that I savor. Each and every day..in my hometown of Barrington, RI. 🙂 Enjoy the road and savor that Rhode Island view!