Uncategorized October 31, 2017

It’s a great time to sell in Providence, RI


With the inventory low in the Providence vicinity, now is an ideal time to list your home OR to think about listing your home. With only 117 homes currently on the market in the East Side area of PVD, the competition is minimal. Showcasing your home in the most flattering way possible, with the assistance of a Realtor and pricing your home at market value will put you in an advantagious corner within the selling and buying dynamic. With condition , price and location being the top three elements that determine property value, your home in the Providence area is bound to sell in a lucrative and timely fashion. With the cost of living in Boston continuing to escalate to an unreachable level, we at Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty are seeing more and more clients coming to us to search for properties in RI from the Boston area. Those commuting to Providence for work from Boston are now looking to relocate in and around the Providence area. It truly is a very favorable time to list a home in RI. With our lengthened warm weather we add another positive element to the listing formula. Furthermore if the predictions for a warmer winter are correct, one really can postulate that listing one’s home in late fall or early winter is a move to definitely consider! Beating out the spring onslaught of new listings  with a winter listing often can ellicit great returns to our sellers. The fact remains that if consumers are contemplating moving next spring they are beginning the process now. 90% will start online by researching communities they desire and then once selected they will start to peruse listings. In fact, statistics show that most consumers have been looking online for three weeks before they even contact a Realtor!!!! So getting your home market ready and listed as early as possible is always the goal, especially in this market of historically low inventory.

I can assist you in planning that listing and would love to do so! I’d be happy to meet with you to talk about your options and your home and its value. I’d love to share with you the incredible arsenal of marketing tools I have provided to me by Sotheby’s International Realty! With our focuse on extraordinary collaboration, use of competition to derive the most lucrative selling price possilble, our referral network and our incomparable marketing reach I am well fortified to sell your home!!! Plus I have an innate love of hard work and passion and determination in what I do! Please contact me via the form on this site to discuss further and I look forward to hearing from you !