Uncategorized January 7, 2018

Barrington real estate

Barrington real estate while frigid, exuding plenty of light and beauty…With a median estimated listing price of $409k, 3 new listings,10 pending and 10 recently sold the market continues to hum along steadily into the new year with what looks to be a very active market come early spring! With interest rates remaining low, consumer confidence high, prices escalating at a moderate rate and inventory opening up, the spring market looks to be one very robust one indeed! Please reach out to me if you’d like to look at real estate anywhere in RI or MA! I’d love to be of help. If you are looking to sell I’d love to come meet with you to talk about real estate opportunities for you in regard to your current home. I truly love what I do! Enjoy the beauty all around us, as depicted in these two shots taken tonight, and here’s to the warmer weather to come!