Uncategorized January 11, 2018

Top kitchen ideas

Thinking it’s “gotta be granite ?” Not anymore ! Granite has actually been falling out of favor for the past three years.  What has replaced it is engineered quartz . Other key features in 2018 kitchens are ample work stations , clean , clutter free countertops , appliance stations and maximal storage and organization.  Now more than ever consumers are seeking kitchen spaces that not only serve to feed and entertain but operate as functional work and play spaces .  That’s a heavy check list for kitchens of today but the options and price points to enable it to happen are varied and wide . Kitchen remodels are offered by a variety of design teams and contractors nationwide at all price points and with the amount of people seeking to remodel as opposed to move , this trend isn’t going away anytime soon .  Enjoy the read especially those of you seeking to sell  and who are planning  to do some house tweaking before you list ! As always I’d love to come to your property to talk about renovation ideas or pre sale “to dos” that will prove to be most lucrative when you choose to sell !