Uncategorized January 14, 2018

Why 2018 is a great year to sell a home




Another great article below reiterating how 2018 is a great year to list a home. With rates still low and expected to increase to still relatively low levels (4.5 by years end) , consumer confidence up, wage growth nationwide on an upswing and local inventory remaining tight,  this year is shaping up to be a strong year to sell. With millenials continuing to make their “financial ” mark in our local and national economy and slowly clicking into purchasing mode in suburbs AND in the urban markets, the buyer pool will continue to expand.  A new “urban suburban” niche is in fact being noted by several real estate experts indicating the trend for millenials to seek living in areas featuring amenities yet also with easy access to the cities. Many of our suburbs here in RI feature just that and are likely to attract the ever resurging millenial generation. 62% of millenials surveyed by Nielsen in fact said they prefer to live in the type of “mixed-use ” communities found in close proximity to urban centers where they can be close to shops, restaurants and cities.  This statistic behooves many homeowners living in areas just outside of PVD! If you are thinking about selling a home in RI or MA in 2018 please reach out to me so we can talk about all the real estate opportunities awaiting you ! I truly love what I do and am eager to help!