Uncategorized February 25, 2018

Drake and Sotheby’s …Connecting music with fine art….

Music for me has always been my outlet…My daily source of ” disengagement”…of escape… Akin to diving into a great book, music allows one to go outside of oneself…to look within oneself deeply, to reflect. Music also provides imagery…..the melancholy of a tune bringing thoughts of loss or sadness and the upbeat, heightened points of a song bringing thoughts filled with joy, with happiness. It’s that emotive effect of music that I covet the most. Music and art go hand in hand. Both forms of expressing oneself or sharing with the world an outlook , a perspective. To hear that Drake has collaborated with Sotheby’s instantly grabbed my attention. For many it seems an odd pairing, a dichotomous twosome but for me not at all. Drake in his most raw fashion is a genuine artist….expressing the trials and tribulations of inner city life to that of living the “high life” as a famed celebrity in our uber socially connected world. Whether one enjoys his style of music or not is completely subjective but to see his music linked with the likes of Sotheby’s fine art is completely enchanting and awesome. Music and art…both means of expression…both instruments utilized to tell a story and to share or express an idea or viewpoint. To me as a Realtor and lover of the written word , the same can be said about the story each home has to tell. The art of telling that story , alinged with the most trustworthy brand in the luxury market, that of Sotheby’s, is a challenge I’m fortunate to be given. It’s a gift to be a Realtor representing this incredible brand and it’s my job as a Realtor to convey the art behind each and every home…to tell it’s story…to “sing the music” each home is seeking to exude.. It’s an honor and a task I hold near and dear to my heart. Art, music and real estate Sotheby’s Style…..I’m all in!