Uncategorized April 3, 2018

Spring buyers know what they want…….

Our current buyers know what they want and it truly takes a determined Realtor to find it!!! With inventory at record lows and our ” 3 bed, 2 bath with a garage and updated kitchen buyers” out in abundance, it takes diligent searching to find properties that match our abundant buying pool needs. Daily searching at what is on market as well as what is coming on is critical in order to best serve our buyers. It’s so interesting to me how having a garage trumps having an updated kitchen and open concept design by 27% of buyers polled. I truly love working ” for” my buyers and am up early checking the market to find options for their perusal.  I’m a firm believer in the notion that what is meant to be will be and that if you work relentlessly at meeting the needs of your buyers and your sellers both sides can and will have their real estate vision realized! Fortunately for me, the inner athlete loves the inhernet challenge of real estate and the strategic, competiive element. It truly is an honor and a priviledge to work on behalf of my incredible clients ! So buyers??? Keep “serving ” up your requests and must haves and I will be sure to return that serve with a winning shot!!!

Click on the link below for some further insight on what today’s buyers are looking for in a home and as always please reach out to me if I can be of any real estate assistance in MA or RI!