Uncategorized May 4, 2018

Home improvements that reap great ROI


As our housing market heats up and I meet daily with clients thinking of listing their home the question that continues to surface is “ What can I do to improve my value ?”  The discussion then becomes one of minor changes or enhancements that can be made to that of the bigger “fixes” or renovations that can be engaged upon to boost the value of the home   Presenting one’s home in not only the best light possible but the most financially rewarding way possible always being the ultimate goal   Whether it’s simple fixes like swapping hardware or switch plates to a new coat of paint or tweaking the current decor , many many little fixes can result in huge rewards   In the end, drawing in a greater pool of buyers and ultimately a higher sale price can be the result of such proactive actions on behalf of the seller! Below is a great list of many minor and not so minor improvements that can bring a great return on investment come sale time ! Let me know if I can assist you in brainstorming about ways we can boost the value your home and get it market ready !!