Uncategorized September 22, 2018

One busy summer

Who would have thought that this summer would entail 5 listings for this very happy Realtor?? It truly has been by far the most rewarding time period of my career.  Although it meant I never stepped foot on a beach I thoroughly  relished the non stop activity , interaction and advocacy on behalf of my clients.  Pre listing preparation meant many hours spent on my computer gleaming the latest comps and market insight as well as detailed work with my clients to ensure their home was primed and ready for the marketplace. Bringing in my favorite handyman to target areas that needed tweaking on the properties as well as picking up a rake , window cleaner and the vacuum and prepping the homes myself meant very busy , client focused days.  Watching the market closely to see what homes were moving , which ones were not always with an eye on my client’s property to be sure we were listed at a market value price.  With listings in Barrington, East Providence ( Rumford and Riverside ) and  Pawtucket my market lens has been constant and full force.  Working with my buying clients has also kept me busy with 3 purchases on the buying side as well ! As a former teacher it truly is the helping part of real estate that I adore. Educating my clients on the current market , advocating for them , counseling them and helping them through the process every step of the way is truly why I adore being a Realtor ! Busiest summer and happiest of summers for this agent and one in which I truly needed to employ the “Huard Hustle “ on the Daily !