Uncategorized October 23, 2018

Reasons to get excited about where our US real estate market is heading……

This time of year is one in which we all tend to “take stock”….of our investments, our careers and seek to gain insight on what’s to come in the year ahead financially. By looking at the economy we are able to get a sense of the vitality of the real estate market. The fact that economists believe the US economy is on its strongest roll ever makes all of us involved with real estate very excited. Why the feeling of optimism regarding the economy and its trickle effect on the real estate market?It’s because of factors such as the return of high paying jobs, new career opportunities, high employment and lower taxes currently taking place here in the United States that fortify this  optimistic view of the real estate market in the year ahead.

Another factor we can expect to see that will affect our real estate market positively is the growing number of foreign property investors. Now more than ever our growing economy and strong housing market will attract said property investors.

For more insight on the factors leading to a prediction of a strong real estate market in the year ahead click on the link below. As always please reach out to me if I can be of any help with selling real estate or buying for personal use or as an investment. It’s going to be a stellar year!