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Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here!!!! If you are like me, you are just beginning to look outside your cozy interior to see what “lies” outdoors in regards to your yard, landscape, driveway etc…It is that time of year in New England where after months of being cooped up we are rarin to go on all “outdoors related” cylinders!!! Pumping up the bike tires, putting up the screen doors, washing the car in the driveway, hooking up the hoses…….seeing how many hockey puck dents you have in your shingles….:):)…..All customary “must do” actions when “we” New Englanders get that first sunny, warm, spring-like day.  While we take a look at our exterior conditions we should also take a close look at some interior conditions.  Many items can be addressed rather easily while others may require the help of a service provider. If you live in Rhode Island, most likely I have a name of a supplier that I can offer to you.  As my clients like to say ” Sarah knows just about everyone”:) I am happy to extend any suggestions on “who you should use” to tackle items like plumbing issues, chimney sweeps etc.  Just call me, text or shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help.

With mortgage rates dropping even further last week and with no sign of increasing, home buyers are out in numbers. With consumer confidence high and the spring temps finally arriving, the buying ” temp” right now is high. If you are thinking of selling, now is definitely time to tackle some of these items. Whenever I list a home for a client I look through the interior and exterior of the home with them,  come up with punch lists of items that should be addressed and/or fixed and I offer contacts and solutions for each and every ” issue”. Tackling some of these great homeowner maintenance steps listed in the article highlighted below, may serve to avoid future problems AND you could be addressing issues now that will need to be addressed later should you decide to sell.  I am happy to come by and take a look at your home with you to give you not only a sense of market value but also to provide for you a list of simple fixes/tweaks that will serve to heighten your value AND get your home ready for the market.   I hope you find the article below valuable and as always please reach out to me if you would like my assistance with anything real estate related!





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