Uncategorized March 23, 2020

A strong foundation can weather the toughest of storms

I hope this finds you as well as can be expected during this uncertain time. My wish for you is that you and your loved ones remain healthy and well. I do believe the silver lining in all of this will be a heightened sense of appreciation for that which we took for granted “pre- Covid19”. I adopted a mindset of “every day is a gift” years ago after fighting through years of medical battles. It truly changed my outlook on life and for that, I am eternally grateful.  This too shall pass and in the interim, I am being proactive and cautious as I continue daily real estate work on behalf of my clients. I sent the following email to my clients, who will soon be listing their homes, to highlight the extensive steps I’m taking to ensure smooth, successful and SAFE transactions.

1. All listings will have video; Zillow 3D, my personal video and virtual tours /360 tours via my photographer. 

2. I will be doing tours of your home via Facebook Live and Instagram Live, narrated by just me and streamed onto social platforms.  I will also create video tours and upload them to YouTube and then send to Facebook and my Instagram feed; so that way people can view them at any time.

3. Showings- I will use FaceTime for buyers who can’t come into the house.  Prior to all showings, I will wipe down all doors/handles etc as well as post showing. I will open up cabinets and doors so buyers are not touching anything. Agent, if present, will remain 6 feet away. 

4. Offers and all contracts are already done electronically. Lenders, lawyers and municipalities are coordinating to make transactions as safe and virtual as possible.

 5. I am keeping up to date on all modifications to prior practices which now are changing due to Covid19 such as the smoke inspections, how deeds are recorded etc.  I have been talking with my attorney often about the verbiage needed in the P and S  to protect my clients from extensions possibly needed due to the virus. 


 I am watching the market like a hawk to get a sense of which homes are moving, which aren’t, where the buyers are looking etc. 

All of these steps are being done every day to ensure a successful sale during this challenging time. Bottom line is that I have your back and am here for whatever you need or will need and I have an incredible team to turn to if and when we encounter any hurdles.”


Please know that I am here for you now and always, to talk with you or to simply just listen.


Much like the strong foundation of a well-built home, our market is so far weathering all that is being thrown at us remarkably well.  Click on the link below for the latest market info for February.


BE Well and stay strong. We will get through this!