Uncategorized May 17, 2020

A neighborhood that nurtures

Neighborhood that nurtures ….
Now more than ever we rely on those around us to serve as sources of support , camaraderie & comfort  as we navigate the tumultuous and uncharted waters of this pandemic.  In this time of isolation and trepidation we find ourselves seeking reassurance in the people around us and in the daily activities of those closest to us; our neighborhood.

In the past two months I’ve witnessed remarkable measures taken by those in my neighborhood to offer that support to each other.  It can be as simply as the daily “hellos” and “how are you holding up “ shared from one yard to another or seeking levity by holding a Derby party in the cul de sac with wedding gowns worn , music played and glasses of champagne shared albeit 6 feet apart.  It’s playing ping pong in your driveway and having neighbors humorously “chirp” while skateboarding by with their two young girls. It’s passing by a neighbor on your morning walk who invests as much into caring for her gorgeous gardens as she does for those around her and you immediately smile because she just has that affect on everyone.
It’s that same neighbor who back in 2003 when you moved back “home “ again , was the first one at your door with flowers from her garden and an open invitation to “come on over “ with your 6 month old red head “anytime “ because her “door is always open. “. It’s the open hearts of neighbors like this one and those described above that make me stronger , happier and more optimistic because i know we are truly “in it together. “.  ??