Uncategorized April 10, 2021

What Defines Me As A Rhode Island Realtor?

I am fueled daily by the desire to make a difference in the lives of all those around me. A focus that is universal and all-encompassing and innate. It’s a focus on helping others. Real Estate is the perfect conduit to do just that. To be highly engaged throughout RI in a profession that is built on my role in advocating, guiding, and championing others truly is a gift. I simply love what I do and whom I do it for and give my ALL and then some to each and every client!

What frames my approach to real estate?
Authenticity– I am very genuine. I am a huge believer in presenting the good, the bad the ugly.  Being honest and open with my clients and communicating freely and openly from day one so that we reach our mutual goal of a successful sale is my daily approach.
Work ethic. – incredible drive, professionalism, thorough approach. I’ve always had a huge internal drive – as a student growing up, as a competitive tennis player, varsity athlete, and as a Grad student, teacher, and Realtor. . I hold myself to very high standards and set daily goals, always pushing further than the day before.
Staying current – Being on top of all the latest in social media, local news-( RI development/ economy/ real estate market),  technology, video making, Sotheby’s tools/marketing capabilities, staying top of mind through rigorous daily print and online presence on behalf of my clients so that I can optimally present the true “story ” of each and every home I’m blessed to represent.
My network – Born and raised here in RI- Connections in Barrington, PVD , summers in South County, Newport etc., Brown network,  hockey, La Salle/ Prep School network, Gilbane building network,  Barrington friends looking to move back to RI, huge Ma connection. , SIR relationships referrals.  I am actively receiving referrals from agents within SIR and agents who follow me on Social media and I also send many outbound referrals to other Sotheby’s agents. I am an active member of all the private Sotheby’s network groups on social media and within RI real estate networks which I use to push out my listings to add further exposure.