Uncategorized May 15, 2021

Meet Matthew King of Taco Box Trailer in Warren, RI. Huge small business love felt by this Realtor and resident

After a few significant health hurdles this winter I finally decided to do what I have wanted to do for a while…..sponsor a Parkbench Barrington website.  To show my support of small businesses in and around a town I grew up in and adore has been something I’ve yearned to do for a while. I just couldn’t justify the expense.  Well the justification lies essentially in why I believe I am still here….to help people.  Highlighting small businesses via my interviews has given me incredible joy. Today was a special one………
Looking for an incredible food truck experience in Warren, RI? Look no further than The Taco Box Trailer! It’s right behind Del’s next to the East Bay bike path. Tacos unlike you have ever experienced before. Nurtured & curated as an “idea” at Hope & Main, owner and chef Matthew King takes his exquisite take on taco cuisine to next-level status.
Featuring fresh ingredients grown locally, a variety of spicy sauces & a special dough, the tacos are then cooked to perfection in a fire oven. Simply put these creations need to be experienced first-hand. Come for the tacos and get an incredible “side” of endearing garden surrounds, great tunes and funky /”Pure Warren” vibes…..Come support some small business magic in one delicious fashion at the Taco Box Trailer located at 75 Child St in Warren, RI


Sponsoring the Parkbench