Uncategorized May 26, 2021

Are you ready for summer adventures in RI?

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve waited long and hard for just a glimpse of the “yellow”  light to live a little, to socialize, to explore, to get outside of our homes and into nature, into this beautiful spot we call Rhode Island.  For the past 16 months many of us have felt like the day would never come. Would we ever be able to go to the beach again or to a bar or to a concert?  When would be be able to experience the feeling of getting into your car at the end of the day sunburned and salty, spreading sand beneath all the seats in the car during the ride home? When would we be able to hop on bikes, hit the East Bay bike path and grab a medium watermelon from Del’s with a pretzel stick propped in the cup? We questioned if it would return. We worried that it may not. We are skeptical now that it is “here.”  Heck I still WON’T believe I am going to my 17th DMB show until I am at the Dave Matthews concert with a Bud Light in my hand. Only then will I truly believe it.

Be that as it may, we DO have the “go ahead” to get back on the ice….to live like we love living and gosh darn-it we need to do it with pure passion and reverence.  Now more than ever we realize that the multitude of “gifts” we have right here in Little Rhody are truly remarkable and precious. Born and raised here,  I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by the natural beauty forever yet its impact on me is still felt daily.  Whether it’s the rise and fall of the tide here in the Barrington harbor or the quaint , neighborly vibe of Water Street in Warren, I am cognizant every day of just how replete with beauty this tiny, “37 by 48 miles in size” little Ocean State is.

With our food scene being on par in the “amazing quotient” with that of our coastline and our charming vibe, I implore you to take on the challenge of engaging in as many dining adventures as you can. The wait has been longer than that of getting your number called at the DMV and by golly YOU deserve to dive all in to that which sweet Rhode Island offers.

So take always inspiring Providence Journal food writer Gail Ciampa’s lead and get after it Rhody Style!!!