Uncategorized June 20, 2021

From the best spots for sunsets to the best “digs” for donuts in the Ocean State!

Rhode Island sunsets are ones to savor. I make it an almost weekly activity to seek them out to capture and internalize. We are replete with countless great spots to capture them here in Rhode Island. My favorite areas are a few hidden spots in Barrington; one of which is featured in my preview image, and the more public spots like the Barrington beach! The late winter, early spring sunsets at Barrington Beach are magical! Perhaps they seem so vibrant because I am so desperate for sunshine and light and warmth at that time of year!!! Truth be told, I thought Rhode Island was the sole winner in the stellar sunsets competition but this past winter, I learned of another AMAZING location to catch sunsets. Now this area is more than your “pack a snack per bridge crossing” type of distance since it is ALL the way up in Seabrook, NH but rest assured it is worth the trip!!! While spending 6 months up in Seabrook in a tiny 2 bedroom beach hut with 2 large hockey players I made it my JOB to catch every single sunset that I could. I dressed like it was Antarctica, grabbed my phone and hit the beach. Worth it every single time. In fact, I have never seen a sunset that wasn’t “worth it.”  I am a huge believer in relishing and cherishing each day and sunsets to me are vivid reminders of just how magical each day we get to receive, truly is. Eager to get the inside scoop on some of the best locales in RI to catch the sunset? Check out this great article in the Providence Journal for the details.



Now along with the sunsets we also are in “Boss Mode” with all things food-related. Whether it’s Federal Hill for Italian or the new food emporium “sprouting” on Sims Ave near India Point for all things fresh and local, PVD and RI as a whole have a plethora of amazing dining experiences to take advantage of. Whether it’s seafood in Bristol, Narragansett or Galilea or steaks Downtown, or plant-based delicacies at Plant City PVD or Rhody Roots in Warren, there is something to satiate every palate here in Little Rhody. Have a hankering for breakfast treats? Try the crepes at Cafe Water St in Warren, like my family did this morning  or head to Bagels Etc in Barrington or PVD Bagel for incredible bagels and morel! Are donuts calling your name? Well then head to the following link to get your fill! https://www.providencejournal.com/story/entertainment/dining/2021/06/12/5-delish-donut-shops-range-old-school-gourmet-ri/7626146002/

Stay well friends and keep shopping, dining, and supporting local and make time for those sunsets!!!F