Giving back July 19, 2021

Giving to others by providing value to all of those I “serve” in my community and within my real estate business is what keeps this engine fueled by unparalleled passion and drive!

Being introduced to someone who espouses that which I hold near and dear to my heart and my core made an incredible impact on me. I have never read material that resonated so completely and comprehensively with how I strive to live each and every day.  After making it through seemingly insurmountable health challenges for 2 decades, I truly believe I am “still here” so that I can help people. If you too value giving to others then let me introduce to the world of a “Go- Giver.”

The National Bestseller book “Go-Giver” is considered to be one of the most influential books ever written and was on Hubspots 20 most highly rated sales books. What resonated most vividly for me is that it’s not a “Sales focused” book but more of a soul searching book. The core belief of GIVING to others vs GETTING is what has made this book the most meaningful book I have read. It was through the act of one kind neighbor who surprised me with this book in my mailbox, that I was introduced to incredible Bob Burg and then blessed enough to be afforded the opportunity to interview him. I believe with all my heart that the only reason why I am still here is to help people and to “make better happen” daily. Bob Burg and John David Mann have packed an incredibly powerful message that rests on the premise of GIVING vs. Getting in the confines of this small book. It’s been the most impactful book I have read because it aligns completely with who I am as a Realtor, a community member and a survivor. Let’s get to know the man behind this life-changing approach to life.