Uncategorized August 5, 2021

First Time Homebuyers Still Face a Marathon, Not a Sprint According to MCSIR’S Huard


Honored to have been invited back in to GoLocalProvLive to talk ALL things RI real estate. Breaking down the national and local trends in real estate is what I LOVE to do! I consume real estate news constantly and with incredible enjoyment and am blessed to be KNEE deep in sales across the state and now in MA. Providing current market trends, news and behavior insight to my clients on a daily basis is what enables them to position themselves with the greatest strength in either the buying or selling position. If you haven’t watched GoLocalProvLive I encourage you to do so. Josh Fenton is incredibly bright, dialed-in, engaging and insightful. You never quite know where the conversation will lead! As a former tennis player, the way he keeps me on my toes during our live interviews is RIGHT up my Alley!  Click on the link below for the interview!