Rhody Life October 31, 2021

“How Do Ya Like Them Apples?”

Happy Fall!!  I couldn’t help but think of this well-loved quote from a great movie filmed locally in Boston- “Good Will Hunting” as I sat down to write today’s blog, on a gorgeous Halloween day here in Barrington, Rhode Island!

If you are like many in New England, you like “them apples” picked fresh from the tree!!! It’s an old standby tradition here in New England to head out to the local orchards to pick a basket or two and sample a few, of native apples grown locally. Nothing better than to spend an afternoon at a local farm on a crisp fall day, with autumn hues aglow, picking apples until you can pick no more!

Perhaps the only way to make such an outing better would be to top it off with some steaming cider doughnuts! The smell alone will have you salivating even if your belly is already filled due to “over apple consumption!!!”

Where to go to get some of Little Rhody’s best apple cider doughnuts? Click below for some insight by the beloved local food writer Gail Ciampa.

P.S. Here’s some advice from a veteran apple picker here in Rhody! Wear your sunblock, watch out for the bees and be sure to savour the beauty of our local apple trees!